Meet the Team

Bree Grima (B. Science (Hons), B. Env Science, B. Photography). Managing Director (MD) of BFVG and current Project Officer for the Carbon Farming Project which is a Federally funded Carbon Farming Futures 'Extension and Outreach' Program.
Bree is responsible for disseminating project related data and interpretation of information relevant to the project through one-on-one horticulture grower engagement activities, delivery of clear, concise information to horticulture growers and industry stakeholders on Greenhouse gas reduction and carbon sequestration opportunities. 

In her role as MD Bree liaises closely with Industry to ensure representation and information is a two-way path to help growers in the Wide Bay Burnett increase their productivity and profitability and thus grow the fruit, vegetable, herb and nut industries of the Region. 
All enquiries relating to Advocay and Representation should be directed to:

Kylie Jackson has a background in career development and training. Kylie is experienced in the delivery of information and marketing concepts with key organisational stakeholders across broad industry sectors.

In her other duties as the Agriculture Workforce Officer within the Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network project, Kylie liaises with key stakeholders for the coordination of field trips, educational forums and collation of industrial information relating to skills, training and employment.

Kylie assists with the coordination of workshops, securing sponsorship for industry events and contributes to BFVG's website, social media platforms, media coordination and releases, and contributes to BFVG's electronic "Fresh Pickings" newsletter.

If you would like to discuss employment and training opportunities, contact Kylie on 0488 533 801 or E: