Meet the Board

The role of the board for our not-for-profit organisation cannot be overestimated, meeting on a monthly basis with BFVG's Managing Director, Bree Grima working together to continue BFVG's operational strategies and values, monitoring performance, making decisions on capital usage and acquisition, and lobbying for assistance to the Australian Government.

BFVG's Board is made up of Wide Bay Burnett Regional Growers and Three (3) Independent directors associated with the industry, collectively the Board offers a positive blend of generations and skill sets to BFVG stakeholders, the Industry and the Region of which Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Represents.

Chairman- Allan Mahoney

Prior to being appointed the successor from Geoff Chiver's BFVG former Chairman in 2014, Allan had been sitting on BFVG's   board as an integral Director, representing Perfection Fresh Australia since 2011.

Allan does not claim a long history of farming practices but has always worked in produce; this was before he took up the position of Manager at Perfection Fresh Australia property in Bundaberg where he and his team accepted the challenge of transforming a derelict mango farm into a now successful Blueberry Orchid.

Allan shows true passion for the success of the industry and states "I just love what I do and I get on with business" taking on a no-nonsense approach and gets the job done.

Never to shy away from a challenge, Allan firmly believes that Diversity is the key to the industry. To be part of the whole supply chain and use as much of the crop as possible no matter what the commodity.

Deputy ChairmanCraig Van Rooyen

Craig grew up in Natal, South Africa. After school, Craig attended Cedara Agricultural College, graduating after two years. He then worked in the Sugar Industry, where his family were 2nd generation Cane Farmers on the Umfolozi Flats in Zululand, as a Chemicals Consultant. He married Barbara Cloete and in 1998 they emigrated to Australia where he bought a 110 acre cattle farm on Walkers Rd., South Bingera.

He originally farmed strawberries and lady finger bananas while his orchards were being established and now has  8000 macadamias, 5000 lychees, plus mangos and avocados. He has served on the BFVG Board for a couple of years and is currently Chairman of BFVG Orchardist Sub-Committee. Craig believes there is a great future for Bundaberg farmers if their produce is marketed effectively both in Australia and abroad

Treasurer/Secretary- David Da Pra

David has been a farmer for over 33 years, with 32 of those here in Bundaberg with business partner Renato Sedran. In the past, David has grown eggplant, capsicum, cucumbers and zucchini in the traditional way. These days we see David with a  total area of 14,000m under greenhouse.


David started his hydroponic operation in 1995 by growing greenhouse cucumbers hydroponically followed with greenhouse hydroponic tomatoes in 1996.

By 2004 David stopped growing all crops outside with the construction of his last greenhouse.  In 2009 David started growing hydroponic eggplant which he supplies to the fresh market in the Eastern states all year round. 


David currently grows eggplant and cucumbers.

Director- Joe Lyons

Joe became a member of BFVG Board of Directors in 2012 where he hopes to use his experience and knowledge to help and advocate for the industry, pulling from experiences in the Banana, Grain and Beef (which he is still heavily involved) Industries for the benefit of the region.

Joe and his family own and operate an Avocado and Macadamia orchid just west of Bundaberg.

Joe obtained a Diploma of Applied Science at Gatton Agricultural College; he is a family man, working in partnership with his parents, wife and children and is a firm believer of taking a "holistic approach to farm management by finding your place in an efficient and profitable supply chain."

Director- Peter Buchanan

A 3rd Generation farmer hopes to be able to bring his life experiences to BFVG and the Horticultural Industry, where as an Industry we may learn to work collaboratively for a common purpose.

Through Peter's lifetime, he has grown Pineapples, Beans and Zucchini crops. He has traveled around Australia driving Coach tours where he was able to motivate growers in outside regions, seeing how processes where done differently and carrying on that motivation in Newcastle, Brisbane and Sydney to name a few locations.

Peter has traveled to New Zealand to research QA systems in the market and as a result the Gympie Pack House was born.

Peter feels that there is not enough of 'us' in the area and wishes to use his place with BFVG as a leading Industry Representative Body to gain wider support within the region and for all of 'us' to keep in touch with industry updates and news.

Director- Peter Greensill

Peter has been a valued director with BFVG for 2yrs providing Industry experience and contributing to the voice of Horticulture within the Region.

Peter Greensill is the youngest of 3 brothers in the third generation of cane farmers.

Peter joined the family business in 1997 and continues to grow sugarcane and watermelon alongside his brothers.

Director- David Holt

David grew up in the Bundaberg region, and in 1990 moved to Cudgen where he grew Avocadoes and Sweet Potatoes.  Moving back to Bundaberg with his wife Miranda in 2001 they planted the first of their sweet potato crops in the Hummock region.

One of David's main focuses is on achieving a more efficient delivery of produce from farm gate to the consumer to contribute to this process David has been involved in numerous sweet potato trials of different varieties as well as being involved in researching plant and soil health.

Joining Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Board in 2013, David is also actively involved in the Australian Sweet Potato Growers Association as an integral committee member. 

David believes that by aligning with key Industry Organisations, is a step in the direction of the Region being recognised as the producing salad bowl it has become over the years.

Director- Andreas Rehberger

Andreas is a second generation horticulturalist in partnership with family operating on a 50ha farm just outside of Bundaberg.

His family has been farming for 30 years and are currently growing Mangoes and a variety of small crops.

Having returned to the industry in 2011, Andreas is keen to see the younger generations being more involved and proactive in the direction of the horticulture industry.

Andreas is also motivated to see the future of the industry brighten, promoting the youth to see farming as a fruitful career.

Independent Director- Leanne Rudd

Leanne is a local Accountant, Wealth and Business Advisor with a strong background in family and small business. Her heart lies in the Burnett Region where she grew up. Since gaining her degree and FCPA qualifications, Leanne has 21 years professional accounting experience to her credit.

Her passion is to help entrepreneurs of Small and Medium businesses grow and thrive. This led her to open her own Practice in 2005. Leanne relishes nothing more than putting her years of experience and insight to work in guiding entrepreneurs to achieve their maximum potential.

Leanne spends her spare time with family and by indulging in her fascination for the ancient art of feng shui.  She also loves surfing and photography

Independent Director- Stacey Watson

Stacey has recently been welcomed as an independent board director at BFVG and brings a broad experience based skill set to our organisation. She is Austsafe Supers' Central Queensland regional manager and is both passionate about your superannuation and the Agriculture Industry.

Volunteering her time with the Royal Flying Doctors and organising with BFVG the Annual Unifying Agriculture Race Day, where proceeds are donated to Careflight and the Royal Flying Doctors.