Our Membership

Our Membership

BFVG is a non-trading, not-for-profit, grower based cooperative funded by grower and affiliate members and corporate sponsors.

Membership fees enable BFVG to represent grower's interests on Agri-Political topics at regional levels, to support State & National bodies, as well as provide up to date information to growers through our office and regular newsletters- Fresh Pickings.

In recent years BFVG have branched from the core organisational services to include activities from funded projects and fee for service facilitation.

BFVG is governed by a Board of Directors who are growers or producers of horticultural produce within the Wide Bay Burnett region. To provide diverse representation our Board also includes Independent Directors who provide specialty regional and Industry advice to the Board.

Directors are elected each year by members.

Membership applications are welcomed from Growers and Industry support businesses from within the Wide Bay Burnett region. 

Applications for Affiliate Membership are invited from organisations related to horticulture such as suppliers, processors, packagers, wholesalers and companies who work with local and regional growers.

How do we become an Affiliate Member?

Affiliate members are promoted through our Website, Fresh Pickings, Board Meetings, regional meetings, marketing and promotion at events and any other suitable and appropriate avenues.

For a consultation on becoming an affiliate member, please contact the BFVG office on (07) 4153 3007 or email bfvg.info@bfvg.com.au

Membership Applications

Applications are assessed by the Board of Directors who meet on the first Monday of each month.  Applicants will be notified within 3 Business days of the outcome of their application. Affiliate member applications, require pre-payment prior to presentation to the Board, please contact BFVG staff on (07) 4153 3007 or email bfvg.info@bfvg.com.au to confirm associated fees.

Online applications accepted now for Affiliate Membership Application and Grower Membership Application

Please refer to the following guidelines for Membership entitlements for Affiliate Members and Grower Members

Have you had some recent changes in Business? Keeping BFVG up to date will aid us in ensuring you and your staff receive up to date information. You can return to your Membership registration at anytime by using the below. Alternatively, you can contact the team on 07 4153 3007 or E: bfvg.info@bfvg.com.au
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