What We Do

What We Do

At Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers we provide a number of diverse and essential services to our members through Advocacy to Federal, State and Local Governments, Media representation, Project activities and Industry relevant fee-for service agreements.
BFVG works with our members to improve on-farm practices; educating consumers, the community and assisting with building a secure workforce. 

Our Vision

"Representing the interests of the Horticulture Industry in our region on issues that are critical to its sustainability."

Our Mission   

BFVG aims to bolster the Horticulture Industry, local growers and its members through:

  • Being an information hub;
  • Media representation;
  • Direct service to growers;
  • Facilitating training;
  • Providing an industry contact point;
  • Industry promotion;
  • Facilitating and coordinating projects and research programs;
  • Representing growers on Government, Industry and Community committees;
  • Events, Marketing and raising consumer awareness