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Careers in the Vegetable Industry - The Business of Vegetables

Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers is happy to support the initiative of encouraging people to consider a career in the vegetable industry. This Nationwide project has produced a vivid DVD and online videos interviewing innovative and successful people about how to get a rewarding career in the Australian Vegetable Supply Chain.  The interviews highlight the diversity of job roles available, provide advice on career pathways, and showcase the lifestyle and personal rewards associated with working in the industry.

New technologies, sustainable growing techniques and latest production practices highlight how horticulture is big business with a broad array of jobs up for grabs.  The people profiled in these videos  highlight the diverse range of job roles involved in the vegetable supply chain.  Explore for yourself the opportunities associated with lifestyle, personal development and leadership offered by the industry.

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Below you will find 2-3 minute interviews with passionate and successful people highlighting different jobs and providing advice on how to grow yourself a career in the vegetable industry supply chain around Australia.  

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Development Officer- Clinton

Marketing Manager- Melina

Quality Assurance Officer- Jane

Seed Research & Development Rep- Michael

Quality & Innovation Manager- Allison

Development Officer- Rohan

Agronomist- Phillip

Research & Development Officer- Hogan

Integrated Pest Management Cosultant

Agricultural Consultant- Buz

Operations Manager- Andrew

Business Director- Maureen

Hydroponic Consultant- Hieu Ly

Grower- Tim

Grower Operations- Schruers

Retail Store Manager- Andy