Farming Families

Farming Families

As consumers we all want to know where our produce come from and in this informative section, we get to do that and introduce you to no only that, but also the people that bring you your favourite fruits & vegetables that our region has to offer.

Many of us probably walk past these everyday families and as the old story goes "Every family needs a farmer". These growers are dedicated to their produce, they are committed to their family & the land and they hope you enjoy their brief stories.

We welcome you to Meet some of our Farming Families by simply viewing them all listed below:

Macadamia Farm Management

Video Credit: Pluggas

 Hummock Produce is an agribusiness owned and operated by Anthony and Kate Rehbein. Anthony and Kate are proud and dedicated fourth generation farmers, farming at the Hummock which overlooks the beautiful Queensland coastline just east of Bundaberg. 


Video Sourced: Macadamias Australia

Macadamias Australia is a division of the Steinhardt Corporation, a third generation family owned and operated agribusiness established in 1957.  Farmfresh Fine Foods, another division of the Steinhardt Corporation, is an established supplier of processed vegetable products to the industrial and food service sector.

 Rosengal Queensland is located on Moore Park Road, Bundaberg and is part of the Rosengal Group which is a family run company that incorporates Rosengal Victoria (Bairnsdale, Victoria) and Rosengal Wholesale (Melbourne Markets).

The farming business was originally started by Ross and Rosina Galati over 25 years ago in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Their sons Domenic and David started Rosengal Wholesale at Melbourne Markets in 2003 to sell the produce from the Bairnsdale farm and they now run all three Rosengal businesses and are continuing the family farming tradition. 

Avodon, Donovan Family Investments

Video Credit: Pluggas