Horticulture Award

Horticulture Award

The Horticulture Award 2010 sets out the terms & conditions of Employment for those in the Production Horticulture Industry who are:

  • Permanent Employees earning a weekly wage
  • Casual Employees earning an hourly rate
  • Casual Employees being paid piece rates

Who is bound by the Horticulture Award?

Horticulture industry means:

(a)              agricultural holdings, flower or vegetable market gardens in connection with the sowing, planting, raising, cultivation, harvesting, picking, packing, storing, grading, forwarding or treating of horticultural crops, including fruit and vegetables upon farms, orchards and/or plantations; or

(b)              clearing, fencing, trenching, draining or otherwise preparing or treating land for the sowing, raising, harvesting or treating of horticultural crops, including fruit and vegetables.

We appreciate that this is a very detailed component of running a farm and we recommend that you contact your preferred accountant or Fairwork Australia on 1300799675  or 131394.