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29th March 2017

Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes— Horticulture) Regulations 2017

The purpose of this code is: (a) to regulate trade in horticulture produce between growers and traders to ensure transparency and clarity of transactions; and (b) to provide a fair and equitable dispute resolution procedure for disputes arising under this code or a horticulture produce agreement.

Excerpt; source:  Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes—Horticulture) Regulations 2017, OPC62163 - D, Authorised Version F2017L00302 registered 24/03/2017​ 

Key Points:

  • All transactions must take place under a signed horticulture produce agreement (HPA)
  • The Code now includes Civil Penalties for breach of the Code
  • Trading transparency is improved
  • All contracts must be compliant by April 2018
  • More information will be developed to assist producers in obtaining a HPA

The full regulation is available for Download HERE