Freshcare Training

Freshcare Food Safety & Quality V4


It is a requirement that all businesses participating in the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality program, have at least one business representative complete training.

Freshcare training ensures each participating business has a full understanding of the Code and program requirements; how they are applicable to their business and what needs to be implemented and prepared to demonstrate compliance at audit.

Your Trainer

With more than 6 years experience delivering a range of accredited and non-accredited training to adult learners, BFVG’s Industry Services Officer, Kylie Jackson will provide Freshcare Food Safety Training from either the BFVG office or your preferred location.

Her extensive background in career development and training will ensure the Freshcare modules are delivered in a precise and informative way that encourages discussion to ensure you leave with a full understanding of the requirements of Freshcare training. Kylie’s known linkages at all levels of industry also ensure you have access to key organisational stakeholders across the sector where required.

Freshcare Crop list

The Freshcare Crop list is the master list of crops for Freshcare Certificates. It can be used by participating businesses as a reference when identifying the crops grown for which Freshcare certificateion is required, assisting Freshcare stakeholders when logging Freshcare training and audits, and further information to customers about the scope of certification on Freshcare Certificates.

Refer to the detailed list HERE

Training Fee Structure

All prices include GST

BFVG Member Price - $550.00 | Non-Member Price - $ 770.00 | Non-Member + BFVG Membership Price - $880.00

Transition to V4 - BFVG Member Price - $350.00 | Non-Member Price - $450.00

All registrations include:

  • Business Registration & 1st Attendee
  • Freshcare Royalty Fee ($88.00)
  • Freshcare Manual
  • Digital form templates
  • Morning, Afternoon Tea & Light Lunch
  • 1 hour one-on-one followup consultation (as required)
  • Training venue

Additional Attendees - $ 110.00

REGISTRATION - Freshcare Training


Freshcare training prepares participants for integrating the program requirements into their business production and operating systems.

Training course materials include template record keeping documents and resource materials to provide assistance and further information.

Some elements of the FSQ4 Code require verification testing be completed. It is recommended that all verification testing be undertaken prior to audit.

Available Training Dates

Freshcare will be scheduled for quarterly delivery in various locations through the Wide Bay Burnett, if you do not see your preferred location or dates, please complete the Expression of Interest form below. Where there are sufficient numbers, additional training dates may be added.

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