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RapidAIM Sensors Fingerprinting Insects

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  • "Harvey" the Robotic Capsicum Harvester - VIDEO
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  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy - VIDEO
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Interest in drones leads to full time business 

[source: Good Fruit and Vegetables]

A TRIP to craft store,  Spotlight, was part of the development process when Nathan Roy was refining equipment used to deliver beneficial insects via drone technology.

The former strawberry grower of 20 years saw a greater need for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) use in agriculture. 

New business looks to track live fruit fly data 

[source: Good Fruit and Vegetables]

REAL time information is a worthy weapon in the fight against fruit fly for the horticulture industry. It's that thinking which has driven the launch of RapidAIM, an automated insect monitoring business.

Development needed to keep ag bots progressing 

[source: Good Fruit and Vegetables]

INCORPORATING robots into modern agriculture shouldn't be a complex process, according to Nevill Crook. While he's got the gear to on the ground to prove it, getting backers for further development is proving the real challenge.

Standard parts make up Harvey, the capsicum-picking bot

[Source: Good Fruit and Vegetables]

AN Ozito-brand oscillating tool purchased from Bunnings provided one of the integral components to an Australian-made capsicum-picking robot prototype. "Harvey, the harvesting robot, gave live demonstrations at the Future Farming Masterclass at Agrotrend at Bundaberg, QLD.