Providing innovative structures to further develop the Horticulture industry

Entegra Signature Structures is an Australian owned construction company whose strength is in servicing and assisting the Agriculture and Horticulture industries. These industries are often thought of as ones, that struggle with introducing new and innovative technologies and solutions to benefit growers and producers. This is an area that Entegra is very passionate about – making sure anything they build will not only be efficient in time and money, but will also ensure the success of their clients. If the success for all parties involved isn’t going to be achievable, Entegra would prefer not to participate or complete the project.

Entegra has been one of the most predominant suppliers of shed structures and designs to date within Australia, especially within the Horticulture industry. They specialise in design sheds for cost efficiency, but most importantly, designing around the growers flow of produce as it is cleaned, packed, stored and despatched. They will continue to grow their community and further develop the Horticulture industry for many years to come through their ever growing design expertise and experience.

Entegra can customise shed structures upon request, as they have over 30 years of experience in design and construction. The different sectors that Entegra specialise in are: Dairy and Feedlot Areas, Equine Arenas and School Buildings, Hay & Machinery Sheds, Industrial Buildings such as manufacturing plants and Horticultural Packing and Farm Sheds. With this diversity, they can bring ideas and designs that are proven to work across different industries, with different customisable designs to best suit project needs. A philosophy often followed on this front, is to avoid ‘shoe-horning’ an operation into a shed, and to instead build a completely custom shed design around a particular producer’s operation.

Recently, Entegra Signature Structures became a proud member of the Mareeba District Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association(MDFVGA) to help further develop customisable designs to ensure the Horticulture industry remained supported with thanks to their innovative ideas and solutions in Farm Sheds and Packing Sheds. This is just one example that highlights Entegra’s passion and ability to lead the field in innovation and design for the benefit of the Horticulture industry. Entegra prides themselves on their unmatched and highly ethical values which is coupled with their professionally tailored solutions in services.

Entegra is Honest and Transparent as they like to share their success with the world, they understand that accidents happen yet they use this to drive them into further developing themselves with even better resolutions.

Entegra is Kind and Generous as they feel obligated to others by giving generously to charity in hope to help those in necessitous circumstances.

Thanks to Entegra’s Forward Thinking and Innovative approach for continual improvement to do better with more efficient products, processes and relationships.

This results in Entegra’s final value of being Humble and Simple, they have never forgotten their simple beginnings and are aware that with their success, was the result from building reputable relationships with staff, customers and suppliers. Entegra’s success means building each contributors success, allowing staff, customers and suppliers to grow with them and join their inspiring journey.

Entegra Signature Structures have managed to position themselves within the Australian market as an innovative leader and supplier in the construction and design of sheds. Entegra can get involved with the design and permit stage, anywhere between months to even years, for your next big project. They can help you by lodging permits and works through either fire or road authority requirements, which can become a nightmare if these are required to meet tight deadlines.

Entegra Signature Structures managed to be a top five finalist in the Endeavour Awards in 2017 and the award was for the most Innovative Manufacturing company in Australia, so you can trust that your projects will be done with the highest of standards in service and quality in products, efficiently and safely. Please contact the Entegra Signature Structures team today on: 1300 296 206 or go to to find out more on how they can help assist you on your next big project to further develop and strengthen the Horticulture industry in which they are most passionate about.