From level pad to final handshake

Starting a new project means that you get involved in this complex process from the beginning. This process is made up of several steps, from the initial idea to planning, and then, finally doing it. Having a professional consultant to help and support you on this path is certainly reassuring. The team at Entegra understand that trusting someone new might be difficult, and you may feel like no one will understand the project as much as you do. New projects often involve so much bureaucracy; with papers to be signed and permits to be granted, it can make you feel like you almost lose yourself which may be frustrating.                                                                           

At Entegra, we completely immerse ourselves in your world and we ensure we understand your project needs.  We take care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Our consultancy process involves nine steps, from planning to delivering your very own signature structure.

1.    Understanding your needs: By completely immersing ourselves into your world, we make sure we get a broad picture of what your needs are and how our expertise may be applied to meet them.

2.    Developing a quote: At this point, we know what you need, and we propose a quote based on what we think will best suit your project.

3.    Finalising contract: Once you are happy with our proposal or with the changes you require us to make, the quote is signed and the deposit is paid.

4.    Concept confirmation: The structure we have designed for you is drafted up and certified by an engineer.

5.    Documentation and permits: We provide you with all the relevant documentation to be included in the council permit process.

6.    Order quality materials: Once the permits are granted, we order top quality material for your project. At this point, the steel manufacturing process begins.

7.    Steelwork is dispatched: Once we customise and manufacture the steelwork, we deliver it to your site to start building.

8.    The structure is erected: We ensure your unique signature structure is built following appropriate safety and quality standards.

9.    Project sign-off: We check the structure and make sure you have received what you expected.

We will support you and keep you up-to-date through the entire process. We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and we have carved out what we believe is the best possible process of delivering the final project.

Do you have a Signature Structure and need construction and design assistance? Give us a call on 1300 296 206, visit our website:, or e-mail us at and let the experts help you with your next project.